Black Swan Arts Frome

Vision and mission statement


Black Swan Arts (BSA) is a charity and a centre for art and crafts in Frome and the wider region. Housed in a listed and locally important building it creates inclusive opportunities for all of the community.

Support for arts practitioners

BSA will support practitioners of contemporary and traditional arts and crafts, at all stages of their careers. In a dynamic and creative town, it will act as a hub for artists and makers to meet, make connections and develop their careers. As part of this we will provide opportunities through our studio spaces for early career professionals to develop as small businesses.

In addition, our Open Exhibitions and gallery programmes will offer opportunities for artists at all stages of their practice to showcase their work to audiences, and also to make valuable sales.

Our building and the community

We will offer the great resource that is our building and its spaces as a venue for arts-based activities of all sorts for community participation.

We will seek out partners to collaborate with, who can bring their particular expertise to BSA. This will include arts/crafts-based workshops, for people of all ages, but will also include talks and skill-sharing, and will also include projects such as our Young Open which bring many new visitors to the building.


We will continue to bring excellent, thought provoking and inspirational work to local audiences. We will do so through a varied programme of work, which is skilfully curated and considered by our small voluntary Programming Group.


To fulfil BSA’s charitable objectives, we need to develop and maintain a realistic and sustainable business model, which is capable of adapting to the changing circumstances within which we operate, and which is supported by effective and appropriate structures and systems.