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Sample menu

Breakfast menu
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This sample menu is intended to give you an idea of the sorts of food available. There may be slight variations and changes due to the availability of ingredients.

We always have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and are happy to let you know about the ingredients and discuss allergens.

There is also a selection of delicious homemade cakes and pastries available.


Bacon or sausage sandwich with homemade ketchup on granary or white £5.50
Morning fuel – bacon/sausage/beans/mushrooms/egg/toast
Vegetarian & vegan option available
Avocado on toast with dried chilli & basil £6
Eggs any style on sourdough/white/rye/gluten free £5.5
Add extras…
Smoked salmon £3
Bacon (back or streaky)  / sausage  / chorizo  / avocado  / marinated feta £2
Sautéed mushrooms £1.5
Spicy tomato salsa / beans £1


Roasted cauliflower soup with sourdough £6
Cheesy leeks on toast with poached eggs £7.50
Add bacon £2
Fried buttermilk chicken burger with hot sauce, garlic mayo, fries & slaw £11
Bunless burger with fries and mixed salad £10
Superfood salad – a selection of our 3 daily salads with avocado, houmous & sourdough £8
Or spiced falafel & tatziki £8.50
Pie & salad → leek , chedder and thyme £8
Toasted sandwich stack with salad → mozzarella ,basil & sundried tomatoes £6
Smoked bacon, brie and cranberry sauce £6
Skin on fries £3.50
‘The platter’a selection of cured meats & cheese with mixed salad, olives, houmous & bread £9


Americano £2.50
Latte £2.70
Flat White £2.60
Cappuccino £2.70
Mocha £2.70
Chai Latte £2.60
Hot Chocolate £2.60
Espresso £2.20
Espresso (double shot) £2.50
Tea – Breakfast/Earl Grey/Rooibos/Green/Mint/Lemon & Ginger/Camomile & Lavender £2
Soya/Coconut/Oat/Almond £0.40
Espresso shot £0.30
Cream £0.20
Marshmallows £0.20
Honey £0.20
Decaf Free
Iced Coffee £3
Milkshake Strawberry/Vanilla/Chocolate/Banana/Peanut Butter/Mint Choc Chip £3
Smoothie – check the board for flavours £3.50
Hildon water still/sparkling £1.50
Fentimans Ginger Beer/Victorian Lemonade/Mandarin Orange/Elderflower/Rose lemonade £2.90
Apple/Orange juice £2

Black Swan Café uses coffee from the Girls Who Grind Coffee.

They are an all female small batch coffee roastery based in the wild south-west of England. Sourcing speciality coffees from female producers and those who work to support them.