The Round Tower Gallery will be available to the Guild as an exhibition space.
Photography by Simon Richardson (left) and Paul Newman (right)

Black Swan Guild at the Round Tower – the Makers’ Place

Important news!

Plans for the launch of the Black Swan Guild have continued throughout this sweltering summer.  Importantly we have listened carefully to the views and opinions of a wide range of artists, funders, and friends, with the result that the original timetable has been amended.

We have realised that, in order to ensure that the Guild gets off to the best possible start, with the greatest likelihood of having a sustainable future, it needs two vital extra ingredients – time and Expertise:


  • to devise and thoroughly test effective and easy-to-use online application systems and all the other technical aspects of the Guild’s future operation
  • to reach the widest possible pool of potential Guild members
  • to ensure that quality of work is truly at the heart of everything the Guild does and represents.


  • to oversee the successful establishment of the vital online application systems and other technical aspects mentioned above
  • to spearhead an effective publicity and marketing campaign
  • to coordinate the management and organisational processes necessary to successfully establish the Guild
  • to support the foundation members in the first year of the Guild’s operation.

So, we are actively seeking funding to allow us to appoint a professional Black Swan Guild co-ordinator, confident that she/he will be in post by early autumn.  This will allow us to organise a HUGE programme of information and application events in the Round Tower Gallery throughout December 2018.

The first meeting of the foundation Guild members will be in March 2019 and the very first Black Swan Guild exhibition will preview on Friday, 3 May 2019 and open to the public on Saturday, 4 May.

Keep watching this space for news and updates.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.