Art Open judge 2018 - Johnny Messum

Johnny Messum – Director, Messums Wiltshire

Johnathan Messum is the founder of Messums Wiltshire, a ground-breaking Art Centre near Stonehenge that celebrates and supports creative endeavour.

Having studied art at Edinburgh and then worked for Christies and the family business, it was pursuing the question why do we have art in our lives? That led him to look across genre, period and styles for a broader based commonality and language.

Messums Wiltshire is an evolution of a concept first proposed by Johnathan as a new use for the Magazine in Hyde Park London in 2008. Johnathan’s vision is for Messums Wiltshire to be a destination to enjoy and engage with the creative arts by exploring how and by whom things are made.

Johnathan advises to artists, artist’s estates, institutions and collectors

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