Studio Shop 1: Jo Joof

Jo is a self-taught illustrator, designer, creator, maker artist. Jo loves all things quirky, retro and reminiscent of childhood memories. Studio One is a great opportunity to finally showcase all her ideas, reviving old ones and inventing new ones.

As a child, Jo spent lots of time drawing cartoons and then pet portraits. Her first job was at a screen printers then worked backwards into graphic design for packaging and then into illustration. Soon she landed a job as a junior designer for a children’s book publishers in London. This was where her passion for children’s books really took off. For the next 20+ years, Jo developed all the skills of the trade in design, licensing, character development and more.

The Nursery Times crinkly newspaper was launched in 2018 with Nic Moore who worked on the illustrations. In just under a year Jo and Nic have illustrated, designed and manufactured 20 titles in the range. Jo built a website and started selling them directly. They are now being sold in 40 of the most beautiful independent bookshops, toy shops, gift shops and boutiques around the UK, also Gibraltar, Australia and California. Most of these are into their 4th and 5th orders. To sell the crinkly newspapers in the studio shop is a great opportunity to interact with our customers personally.

Jo’s recent projects include some local street illustrations. One of which is a picture is called ‘Catherine Hill from a Different Perspective’. Jo wanted to paint the shops in a way that is not usually seen so combined her hand painted and digital skills together to complete the unique image. Prints are available to buy.

Further projects planned are bespoke fabric design where Jo will work in collaboration with Becki Noble at Millie Moon Shop.

Jo will be hosting various workshops demonstrating basic techniques of illustration to inspire and encourage in a relaxed fun environment.
Shop opening hours: 10am – 4pm, Tue – Sat