Studio Shop 2: Linda Sandeman and Yasemin Sweet

Having one of the artisan studios is such a great experience. It’s given me the opportunity to learn my craft in a friendly and supportive environment as well as meet, learn and be inspired by fellow artists and makers.

Black Swan Arts are excited to have two emerging artists in Studio 2 here in the main corridor between Divas and the Round Tower. Linda Sandeman and Yasemin Sweet are two Jewellers who have teamed up, continuing the tradition of Jewellery making in Studio 2, both with differing yet complimentary styles.

Linda Sandeman has studied jewellery-making at workshops deep in rural Dorset and has decided to bring her practice to the heart of Frome. Originally from Northamptonshire then Leicestershire, she produces distinctive contemporary designs using large stones to make bespoke pieces set within clean, clear geometric metalwork, and will be focusing on producing a range of affordable items. Walking in nature gives Linda time to reflect on her ideas. She says: “I’m inspired by natural forms, three-dimensional shapes and geometric patterns that show the beauty of simple lines yet look dramatic and striking on the wearer.”

Yasemin Sweet has previously worked and shown with former artisan studio resident Christina Oswin, so it seems fitting that she should now occupy the same space! Originally from Turkey and resident in Frome two years, Yasemin is excited to be able to showcase her beautifully intricate filigree designs, featuring fine silver wire work. With Christina’s encouragement, Yasemin’s designs developed and evolved, drawing inspiration from geometrical shapes, natural patterns and traditional Turkish filigree jewellery. Yasemin says “I’m excited to have reached the point where I can display my pieces and demonstrate my working practice as well as being part of the creative hub here at the Black Swan”.

Studio 2 enables Linda and Yasemin to fulfil their dream of showcasing their wonderful work to the public at the centre of the vibrant art community here in Frome and develop their business. Customers have the opportunity to see Yasemin and Linda working and making new pieces as well as being able to browse and shop for that special piece of jewellery. They occupy the studio on different days, Yasemin working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Linda on Friday and Saturday.

The Artisan studios overlook the Courtyard and provide a shop window for people to purchase individual and unique pieces, as well as talk to the artists about how they are made. The studios are not only workshops but spaces almost like miniature exhibitions themselves and are a popular part of the mix of artwork on show here at Black Swan Arts.
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