2017 Art Open Prize Winners

First Prize supported by Hauser & Wirth Somerset
Katharine Fry

Katharine Fry (British, b. Belgium 1981) works in video installation with a background in performance. Marrying a mid-century aesthetic with a gothic strategy, Fry’s primary character is a female figure contained in an interior space. A fantasy automaton, her vitality is registered through blinks and breaths as she carries out arbitrary and ultimately purposeless tasks. Fry’s work is permeated with ambivalence. Her character appears physically caught between enclosure and protection and psychically lingers between inertia and withdrawal. Through a feminist process, Fry turns her interest to enmeshment and individuation, questions of agency and interiority, strategies of in/action and pathologies of development.

Highly Commended as Chosen by the Judges

Jenny Graham Into Elysium

Jenny Graham
Into Elysium

Steve Joyce Interference Fit

Steve Joyce
Interference Fit

Fiona Hingston Empty Vessels

Fiona Hingston
Empty Vessels

Annie Ward Bound to the Mill

Annie Ward
Bound to the Mill

Dan Morley Antique Memory

Dan Morley
Antique Memory

The Black Swan Arts Solo Show Prize, chosen by the Black Swan Programming Group

Volkhardt Mueller

Volkhardt Mueller
Videotopia – English themes after Claude Lorrain, 2014, 5 edition

I am a multidisciplinary artist, working between town and country, studio and streetside. Over the last years I have predominantly produced print objects and print, performance, public interventions, site specific work and video. The complex relationships between people and place are my main source of inspiration, the production of landscape between mythology and terroir is at the core of my interests. My Videotopia stagings manipulate familiar narratives of the land and well-known scenarios of public space, both urban and rural. I work from historical sources, art and site observation, juxtaposing profanity with the ideal, behaviours and cultures with place, conceptions of the urban and rural.

Highly Commended chosen by Black Swan Arts Programming Group

Chris Dunseath Cauldron Series # 2

Chris Dunseath
Cauldron Series # 2

Susan Phillips no.45-2015

Susan Phillips

Andrea Clark Evening 2

Andrea Clark
Evening 2

Babington House Mentoring Prize

Katharine Fry Tablemouth

Katharine Fry

Postscript 3D Prize

Bea Haines - Nest

Bea Haines

Sam’s Kitchen Deli Local Artist

Malcolm Ashman - Villa

Malcolm Ashman

The Mount Student Prize

Daniel Mcgirr - Erosion of the flesh

Daniel Mcgirr
Erosion of the Flesh

The Frome Town Council People’s Choice Award

Aliceson Carter - Green and Pleasant Land

Aliceson Carter
Green and Pleasant Land