The Future Can

Title: ‘The Future Can’t Wait’
Date: 18 March – 15 April
Preview: Friday 17 March 6pm

Black Swan Arts are pleased to collaborate with Bath Spa University for ‘The Future Can’t Wait’, an exciting showcase of exhibits from 30 MA postgraduate students across 4 disciplines – ceramics, fashion and textiles, fine art and visual communication.   The show has been curated by two students on the MA Curatorial Practice course.

“We live in uncertain times. Confronted with many political, economical and environmental changes, it is hard to envisage what the future holds or indeed looks like. Perhaps this was always the case. To predict the future is a tall order, as Modernism has taught us, that poses more questions than answers. So how are we to approach this tremendous task of securing some stability or trust in what is inevitably and already the passing of time? Can future exist at all, and if so when does it start?  There are no singular answers, but one thing is certain – the future can’t wait.”


Throughout the exhibition there will be free ongoing activities to stimulate children’s creative responses.

School Workshop:

A key element of the exhibition is to interact and engage with the local community, particularly children, as they are our future.  For their debut in Frome, MA artists invite children to explore the exhibition that introduces art from a range of disciplines.  Local school children will be involved in workshops in the last of March.  Children will be encouraged to look, touch, listen, participate, have conversations with MA artists, explore their ideas and be part of the exhibition.