Date: 17 – 23 June
Location: Round Tower Gallery
Preview: Tuesday 18 June 6.30-8pm, all welcome

An exiting exhibition featuring three generations of female artists from one family. They are mother, daughter and granddaughter. Their work is interconnected and sharing an inspiration of nature.

  • Èva Kecseti handbags
  • Hannah Manning photographs
  • Gabriella Kecseti textile art

Éva feels her parents brought her to nature:

“to the freedom of the mountains, to go deep in the value of earth and bring out the beauty.

Where they grew up, Art is not separate to life, it is integral, generational, woven in story and hand, land to song, to family in whose roots we both belong and evolve within.”

Èva Kecseti

Éva takes shapes and images from nature such as spirals. This informs her mother Gabriella’s designs which are constructed from grass.  Hannah photographs her mother Éva’s leather designs.