Title: Making a mark, Frome College
Date: 9 – 23 February
Preview: Saturday 9 February, 12pm midday

‘Making a Mark’ is a Young Artists’ show displaying creations made by talented young artists at Frome College and featuring selected works created by Frome’s Middle Schools.

Creativity is at the core of Frome College and much value is attached to freedom of expression in the arts.

One of the great strengths of Frome College’s Art work is its variety and vibrancy. Frome College’s inclusive belief involves students ranging from beginners and enthusiastic amateurs to the most skilful creators. We hope you enjoy this most exciting exhibition and note the outstanding quality of work.

The selection of work has been made to reflect the range and talent of our Young Artists, Photographers and Designers and showcase these innovative young people’s work in a Gallery setting. This skilled and beautiful work represents a small fraction of the students Coursework projects that have been made during the course of this academic year so far.