Profile photograph of Katharine Fry

Katharine Fry

Katharine uses video installation to stage uneasy encounters with uncanny screen bodies. Through these bodies, each a barely-alive female figure with a blocked mouth contained by an interior space, she reveals an ambivalent desire for separation and connection that persists, caught under a performing skin that is both digital and physical.

She is completing practice-based PhD House Arrest at Goldsmiths. Recent prizes include Creekside Open, 2017, Hauser & Wirth First Prize and Soho House Mentoring Prize, Black Swan Open, 2017. Recent exhibitions include Visions in the Nunnery, 2018, Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival 2018 and Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2019. Forthcoming solo exhibition at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, 2020. instagram logo twitter logo