Black Swan Arts Exhibition Archives 2020

Three stitched and felted bees in small round cases.

Fifty Bees 4, Lydia Needle
8 February – 14 March
Preview: 7 February, 6-8pm
Artist’s talk ‘The Pollinators and Pollyfillers’: Saturday 14 March, 1.30 – 3pm

In a new show at Black Swan Arts in Frome, Somerset artist Lydia Needle has sculpted fifty British bees in wool and stitch, and fifty other artists have created responses to each bee.

In the fourth incarnation of her project ‘Fifty Bees: The Interconnectedness of all Things’, Lydia Needle has created fifty life-size bees to represent fifty of the 275 bee species in the UK. The project was devised to showcase the plight of the British bee. So far she has created 200 sculptures, but she is aiming to complete 275 – one for each of Britain’s bees.

Painted cloth and gauze

Philip Needham
24 February – 9 March

Contemporary mixed media artwork by Philip Needham.

Philip studied physics at the University of Cardiff in Wales. After graduation he continued a research and doctoral program.

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A drawing of a man wearing a chicken hat and holding a sign saying 'help'.

‘Lets Be Frank’, by Frank Goffey
29 January – 8 February
Late night opening: Saturday 1 February, 6-8pm

Frank is a pen and ink illustrator. Amongst the themes he explores are; social commentary, bullying and climate issues with a healthy dose of comedy and surrealism.

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Thick paint on canvas, red on top of white and black streaks. Abstract and textured lines.

χάος (Chaos) – Barry Cooper
3 January – 1 February
Preview: Friday 10 January, 6-8pm
Q&A and solo violin performance: Saturday 11 January, 2-4pm

Eugene Ysäye his 6 violin virtuoso sonatas form the inspiration and basis of χάος (Chaos) by Barry Cooper. The violin pieces were written in the early 20 century for 6 virtuoso violin players. Barry Cooper has transformed each movement into a visual interpretation on large canvases. The result is a varied but very distinct new abstract body of work with sometimes figurative echoes.

Barry will paint and perform a live large painting continuing on the interpretation of Ysaye his violin sonatas during this exhibition.

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