Wiltshire Print Creatives, Strictly Printing
9 – 23 November
Late opening: Saturday 22 November, 6-8pm
Meet the Artist: Saturday 9 November, 11am-2pm
Artist talk: Saturday 9 November, 2pm

Wiltshire Print Creatives is an informal group of artist printmakers who have agreed to work together to collectively promote their work and to identify venues and opportunities for shows.

Their common link is the use of a shared workspace but members otherwise have freedom of subject, style or print medium including;

  • abstract
  • figurative
  • traditional etching
  • linocut
  • digital

Current members of the group are:

  • Alex Nash
  • Hayley Cove
  • Claire Camacho
  • Judy Brett
  • Martin Covington
  • Kerry McNeil
  • Caroline Morriss
  • Susanne Trevellyan
  • Jane Temperley
  • Ian Bertram
  • Tonia Gunstone
  • Flora Camacho

Find out more by visiting their website or following them on social media.