Philip Needham
24 February – 9 March

Contemporary mixed media artwork by Philip Needham.

Philip studied physics at the University of Cardiff in Wales. After graduation he continued a research and doctoral program.

In the world of science its main interests are sub-atomic particles, the very small and cosmology, the too vast, between these two extremes are evident waves, a great diversity of types that interact with the materials of the universe in various ways. From cosmic waves to infra-red waves, and light evidently, each one penetrating a part of the world, to be perceived a little more. These are the influences on the works but not in an obvious and representational way. But light, the reciprocal action of light on materials and the texture of the surface, reflection and refraction and the perception of colors form the ‘landscapes’ from where I gain inspiration.

This has resulted in the custom of different materials, such as glass, as a vehicle for paintings and a particular interest at the intersection of painting and sculpture, producing ‘construction’, bas-reliefs of wood, board, cardboard, cloth and gauze (net) paintings (on which to paint). The usual rectangle shape is abstained and the frame, if it exists, becomes a part of the painting or is minimal.