Words stitched into fabric in a circular motif. The text in the centre is purple and changes colour as it reaches the edge, fading through pinks to red.

Slide image featuring a textile piece by Ana Kirby.

Untold Stories
CQ West
Round Tower Gallery
8 – 19 December, 10am to 4pm (3pm close on final day)

An exhibition featuring work by textile artists CQ West, a group of like minded people who are striving to promote excellence within the contemporary and art quilt world. The group started in 2012 as Contemporary Quilters West, and recently changed their name to reflect the dynamic and more diverse nature of artists’ work. Each artist presents a small collection of new work, capturing a point in time in their own creative story.

Current CQ West members:

  • Alicia Merrett
  • Ana Kirby
  • Christine Seager
  • ​Claire Passmore​
  • Fran Griffiths​
  • ​​Jane Brooks
  • Judith Barker
  • Judy Stephens
  • k3n
  • Kara Chambers
  • Lisa DeBoer
  • Lucy Poloniecka
  • Maria Harryman
  • Rachele Dickie
  • ​Stephanie Crawford
  • Sylvia Hammond

​Find out more about the members of CQ West on their website.