Title: Nick Andrew & Tanya Hinton
Date: 11 November – 3 December
Preview: 10 November, 6-8pm

‘Frome’s Frome and nearby waters’: energetic and colourist paintings by Nick Andrew. ‘Earthly and aerial beasts’: unique paintings on weathered wood by Tanya Hinton.

Nick and Tanya’s studio is next to the River Wylye. Nick’s work is predominantly inspired by the immediate river landscape, along with adjacent water meadows and nearby woodland. Attracted in particular by the patterns in the river flow, multi-layering and reflectivity, his aim is to convey a sense of quietness and ‘solitary involvement’ with the landscape. This year, Nick has explored various locations on the River Frome for this exhibition.

Nick studied graphic design and fine art, has exhibited widely, throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA. He has work in many public and private collections. Nick is the founder of the Wylye Valley Art Trail, which he coordinated until 2013.

Tanya Hinton produces unique paintings on aged wood, discovered washed-up on beaches, buried in gardens and reclaimed from old buildings. Each piece of wood offers wonderful possibilities: sea-worn textures, grain patterns and flaking paint might suggest misty landscapes, rippled water and other settings, which become habitats for Tanya’s paintings of creatures which she feels are appropriate to the wood.

Tanya was raised in a creative household, assisting her father, an artist and sculptor. From an early age, she learned about handling paint, colour mixing and attention to detail. She has exhibited widely in the UK.